The Importance of Being a Book Cover

(with apologies to Oscar Wilde for the blatant plagiarism)

Look around the Amazon shop now, indeed, any online book distributor and take a look at the romance novel covers out there. There are some fabulous ones and there are some not so fabulous ones. There are covers where you think ‘Oh, I’ve read that one’ only to realise you haven’t, it’s the same model and pose on the front giving a bit of ‘sameness’ to the eye.

Overall, authors and publishers understand the importance of drawing the eye into their books and it’s potentially one of the most important things to get right. Of course the content is the most important thing; a fantastic cover can’t save a badly written book. Perhaps an author might get a sale for that first one, but anything beyond that might be a stretch.

The cover aspect is one thing; then there’s the knowledge that as an e-book, you need a cover that will produce an interesting thumbnail; and if you are printing it, then again, you need to consider the front and back cover as well, something called a book wrap.
Then there’s background images, font (don’t get us started on fonts, one member of our team is a bit of a typophile himself) and of course, that all important cover model image if you intend using people on your covers.

Interestingly enough (and we don’t mean to shoot ourselves in the foot here), lately we’ve seen some awesome covers that are more conceptual in nature, a little more daring and certainly not the norm. We like this. It appeals to the creatives in us all. However, we believe the move away from showing a sexy body or person on a cover will be slow and there will still be enough time for us to do our photo shoots, get rich and retire to Rome to that villa we always promised ourselves we’d have…… 😊

Your book cover is what people see first, it represents your story, just like your blurb and it needs to be enough that someone will click on it and delight in reading further.

We aren’t book cover designers. We leave that to the experts. What we are, though, is a partnership who want to create a diversity of images for people to use that truly reflect the contents of their books and more importantly, the characters. We wish to be able to present to you all the body shapes, types and beautiful human diversity that is out there, because, after all, we are all individuals with a unique look that can’t be carbon copied.

Bear with us and we’ll get there, we promise. If we could clone ourselves, we would. Our intention is to fill our site with images that offer you variety and affordability, so you can go out there and create a book cover you can be proud of.

And when you do create that book cover with one of our images, please come back and let us know, and show us what you’ve created because we love to see and share your finished product.

The Cover Thoughts Team

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